• Curated travel-inspired art for your home

    We offer a fine selection of artworks, unique and limited edition pieces, including photographs, prints, ceramics and decoration.

    We love travelling, camping, the purest contact with Nature.

    A new landscape shapes our mind, amplifies our knowledge, fills our being in the world with new meanings.

    That is why we believe that our homes can become a reflection of the journeys we take.

    We explore the world to develop our exclusive Collections.

    The spaces we live in are personal sanctuaries and the artworks and objects we collect a constant source of inspiration for our daily lives.

    Having experienced first-hand movement, fast city changes and transient accommodations our belief is that feeling at home, anywhere, is invaluable.

    We think that through interior decoration it is possible to shape one's own peculiar retreat, whether it is a rented room, one's first flat, or the home of one's ancestors. 

    We approach curating as an art practice itself. We take inspiration from Feng Shui to arrange our artworks achieving harmony and fill your space with the purest energy and your own identity.

  • Talent, meaningfulness, curiosity

    We collaborate with master craftsmen by combining visual art and time-tested craft techniques.

    We sell directly to you online, without intermediaries, in order to offer you high-end goods at more reasonable prices than conventional luxury boutiques.

  • Logo: the blue thylacine

    Iryt Studio takes its name from the Egyptian blue, the oldest artificial pigment in the world, which the ancient Egyptians called hsbd iryt. Such was the complexity of the formula to obtain it that it was lost to history.

    In the logo, this mysterious tint colours the coat of a thylacine, a fascinating but now extinct creature whose disappearance is still shrouded in mystery.

  • Our commitment, our contribution

    The prints and photographs for sale are produced on-demand by our trusted carbon neutral print shop.

    The 2D works are sent into production immediately after purchase (with the exception of pieces sent directly by our artists) and delivered to the customer's home within a few days, avoiding warehousing costs and streamlining the production process. Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

    We work in minimizing carbon emissions. We know that offsetting alone will not tackle climate change, however it is an immediate and measurable method to take responsibility for our carbon footprint. All packaging used for customer orders is sustainably sourced, recyclable or biodegradable.