• iryt studio selects and proposes to first-time buyers, enthusiasts and collectors a worthy selection of objects by well-known, emerging artists and visual practitioners.

  • Collaborates with talented creatives to present a carefully edited collection of fine pieces: design objects, sculptures, photographs, limited edition paintings capable of creating a dialogue between contemporary art and interiors.

    Curates cultural events and exhibitions with the vision that art should be an essential part of everyday life and accessible to the widest possible audience.

    Approaches curation as if it were an artistic practice in itself.

  • iryt studio takes its name from the Egyptian blue, the oldest artificial pigment in the world, which the ancient Egyptians called hsbd iryt. Such was the complexity of the formula to obtain it that it was lost to history.

    In the logo, this mysterious colour tints the coat of a thylacine, a fascinating but now extinct creature whose disappearance is still shrouded in mystery.

    iryt studio is looking for special works of art, distinctive just like blue is in nature, ready to decorate your space.